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Project> Gandharva Ved music "station" for home use

Its been a while since i started this project. Its completely operational for more than 6 months now, so i can gladly write about it. I have manny CDs and older cassetes in my stash, so i make MP3 version of all this stuff i have. most of stuff i have is listed here.

Little background on Gandharva Ved music you can find here, here and here.
The point is on melodies (ragas). This theory is based on three-hour periods called Praharas which correspond to the changing frequencies of Nature throughout the day. So it was necessary to make system which can play different playlist and change them when period is over.

What I use to make this Project> Gandharva Ved music "station" for home use completely functional:
  • songs: 84 ragas converted into MP3, wich gave me around 10 different artists, ragas for each time period

  • player: iTunes with playlist for each period

  • alarm clock: aurora to change playlist from iTunes

  • computer: Mac mini (i use 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4 with 512 MB RAM). any MAC computer can be used for this, i choose mini due to low energy drain

  • speakers: i use JBL Creature - white because they give me feeling of puriosity

  • monitor: any monitor above 12" will do =)

  • EDIT 14.3.2007: added little comments beside and link to great site about Gandharva veda.
    thanks Peter

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