četrtek, december 01, 2005

Mighty mouse

or maybe not so mighty

i never simpatyse with apple mouses, couse they product such a mousecrap. its just nice to see them on the table, but when it comes to rapid clicking they fail. mighty mouse also. so its not so mighty as it seems. its very good 4 home use, for surfing and mailing. i was surprised with 360 scroll when comes handy in home actions. but it completely fail in production when u have 2 struggle with might at least 4 eight hours. Rapidly clicking fail, and jumping cursor on sudden moves makes this mouse impossible 2 work with. even on icemat it fail. jumping is mig(ht)nyfied =) its good 2 have 2nd click on mac also and thats a little help from sensor under clicking area. it also have 3rd buttun but dont squeeze it 2 much... its just a mouse.

home use ***** (5/5)
production use * (1/5)
tehnology *** (3/5)
design ***** (5/5)


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