torek, februar 14, 2006

Meme - blogger's spam =) or task to write something

from ka-ma i got spam. not ordinary, i take it more as questionnaire and revealing some topics that wasn't been written on my blog.

4 jobs that I had
Chemistry analyses at Mariborska Mlekarna
Designing at Matetopis
Designing at Tridex
Project/Product manager Widelabs

4 films I could watch again and again
5th element
Pirates of Caribbean
The Terracotta Warrior
Finding Nemo

4 places I have lived at
Maribor =)

4 TV-series I like(d) to watch
Only fools and horses
You Rang Milord
3th rock from the sun
Star Trek: Voayeger

4 places I have been on vacation to
America: Philadelphia
Croatian coast
Tunisia: Djerba

4 websites I visit every day
look links on right

4 books
Thomas Jefferson: The Sea Hawk
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: Science of being and Art of Living
Deepak Chopra: Savršeno zdravje
Predrag Kezele: Veličastni saturn

4 favorite dishes
Sushi anykind
Grilled squid and octopuss
Grilled fish
Tuna Tacos

4 places where I'd like to be right now
Moon: watching Earthrise
Small ireland in pacific: watching Sunrise
On a ship: Floating to another galaxy
Home: spoiling kid and wife

I'm tagging these 4 people
- Willma
- Little Confused Antigona
- had
- crni


nakracal samuelion ob 09:48, |

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nope, wasn't me :)
jp its u =)
Blodnjak aka LKA =)
ish don't think so ;)
I'm tagging these 4 people (I apologize in advance, and no problem if you don't feel like it)